Finding Happiness in the Every Day II. 

A good meal with a good friend. 

Moon searching in the night.. 


Just a perfect day.


I wish I could’ve had more time here.
What I would give to be in this very spot now with a nice book and maybe a coconut with a straw..

Tours are great for meeting people to share your experiences with, (and you may possibly know these people for the rest of your life after..) but had I wanted to stay here for a full day and just enjoy the view… I can’t quite say that I would’ve found my way back to them easy…

I’ll be back.
To sit on your mountains.. see more of your beautiful country… And to make more life long friends with your kind
and beautiful people.


A city where every one of your senses fall in love…
Your ears, with parisian songs of love and lust. Your smell, with croissants so fresh that your mouth water. Your touch, with history and an explosion of culture at your fingertips. Your taste (after a hundred macarons daily), leaving your breath with traces of coffee and chocolate. And lastly your eyes, which may have tears in them at the painful thought that your time in this beautiful city will eventually have to come to an end…

Je t’aime.