Sometimes the best travel memories are the ones you had never expected. The ones you made when things went wrong, when you stopped planning, and even when the rain started to pour when you were ready for the sun to shine…

When we had planned for an Italian adventure, but ended up enjoying some German comfort… 4,999 miles away from home, on an adventure for new experiences, we chose to stand still. And we got comfortable in Frankfurt. Real comfortable.. To the point of looking back at these memories and not thinking “what if we had gone…” but thinking a calm , “ahhh..”

Picking apples in the small beautiful town of Büdingen.. Going on a Sunday when everything was closed gave us the time to enjoy the town and not get distracted by the huge selection of precious shops that would’ve taken up all of our time…

And on the way home, when one train didn’t come, and then another… And then another… Gave us a entire new appreciation and gratitude to the one train that did finally come.

Travel isn’t perfect. Plan, but know that there could be new plans that may take their place. For if you focus too much on how something should’ve been and what should’ve happened and how this isn’t how it was supposed to be, then you might miss an entire experience within itself…

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.
Love, Jenny

Apfel Küsse

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